Malithi @ 'Bare' - so real

What’s it about?

The typical Catholic school story filled with love, drugs and music.

My Experience.

Now, I attended the DRIEST Catholic school there is, but watching Bare made me wish that I was back in school, trying to make my skirt as short as possible to piss off the teachers.

The second I sat down, free condoms where distributed to all the audience members—I’m talking ages 18 to 65. If that's not a way to set a tone, I don’t know what is. Church hymns were sung with perfect pitch only to be broken up into the most uplifting beats and then suddenly the saddest. I knew I was ready for this roller-coaster ride.

The first scene threw me straight into the battles that these high schoolers faced as they struggled with sexuality and love, all while facing pressure from the Catholic Church. I thought the musical was just a comedy, but it actually had a much deeper meaning to it. It was about growing up… differently. The show centered around two gay teens, Peter and Jason, who loved each other but had to fight their own demons to try to be together. These actors portrayed an identity crisis that I understand. I myself identify as queer and come from a Catholic school background, so I really connected with the feeling of not being sure about who I was.

The small but comfy stage made it that much easier to feel the characters’ emotions and struggles. Bare was real and right in my face. It was actually too real for one old geezer who walked out on the show when Peter and Jason expressed (wink-wink) their love on stage. Disgusted and disappointed as I was at first, I felt better knowing that the audience was cleared of anyone who likely didn’t agree that love is love.

Peter and Jason represented many struggling with trying to be their most authentic selves. Each musical act was raw and real, just like they were. Everyone was singing and dancing their hearts out for people who, like me, once felt alone.

Let’s not forget about the live band that was on point with every cue and scene! I will never forget the musical director who was not afraid to wear his hot pink Beats. I could see those mofos from a mile away.

Show is now closed. But we gotchu!


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