Kat Luciano @ 'All Our Children' - suffering silently

What’s it about?

During World War II, a German pediatrician treats kids with “problems,” however, his morals are soon corrupted by a young Hitler fanatic.

My experience.

I don’t care that the man was dying of lung cancer. I don’t care that he used to heal the children admitted to his clinic. You’re telling me that some 22-year-old snob who romanticizes Hitler is gonna win over your conscience? Your morals don’t change just because someone tells you they should. And stepping down is not gonna win him pity points.

First off, great acting. Amazingly convincing. I really felt like I was in the ‘40s with them, experiencing the unknowns of WWII and the “New World Order” it was supposed to bring. I am also a fan of minimalism. Minimal characters, minimal props, minimal scenery. If you can craft a whole story with just the things in front of you, you are appreciating art in its purest sense. And the whole thing was extremely daring, especially in a time when we have a President who is inhumane, pathetic, disgustingly ignorant, malicious, an absolute piece of... let me not start.

This was one of those plays in which every character had something significant and intelligent to contribute to the conversation. I mean really, it’s not as simple as who’s right and who’s wrong. Rather, it’s about why are they right, why are they wrong, and what does it even mean to be right or wrong in the middle of war?

My heart was with the children we never got to see on stage. All of the children the doctor claimed to be taking care of were, in fact, being “peacefully” killed for having gene disorders, behavioral conditions and other special needs. It sounds a lot like kids today who have to go through the corrupting cycles of school shootings, or are caged/detained at the border, suffering silently from mental disorders that no one tries to understand. When do we start caring for our children?

The doctor said he used to “heal” his children. I am tired of stories where the guy realizes he has done something wrong for so long and thinks that just because he admits it, he gets a free pass. This ain’t no Schindler’s List. I believe that some people deserve a second chance, but not after so many innocent lives were taken. Sometimes it’s a little too late. My girl Jojo knows EXACTLY what I mean. But seriously, I can’t even begin to tell you how much questioning went on at this show. So here are some questions I will leave you to dwell on:

  • Are we still in an age of survival of the fittest?

  • What are the facts of life, and how are we suppose to derive meaning from them?

  • Does war justify sacrifice?

  • Is it ever too late to right a wrong?

  • Can science and religion coexist?

  • And why the fuck do we still belittle our children’s problems?



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