Kat & Miranda @ 'The Buffalo Play’ - delving into some weird shit

What’s it about?

After a baby bison is found dead in her trunk, a young environmentalist from Brooklyn ends up in jail right outside Yellowstone National Park. Her morals and views are challenged by the mother bison while she awaits prosecution.



Miranda’s Experience:

When Kat and I first heard about this show, we knew it was a must-see. I had seen it on Time Out’s website and was immediately intrigued. When Kat listed the show on our ticket section, she matched my energy. And so that day we put in a request for tickets.

Overall, why I fuck with Off-Off Broadway so hard is because of the atmosphere. It’s more of an intimate, low-resource experience. Obviously, most of these theatres are non-profits full of artists pushing the passion of their messages. I haveMAD respect for that, yo. It is not easy to put shows together without much of a budget, but what I appreciate so much is the raw authentic talent that shines through.

I have problems with Frozen (and other commercial shows) because all their glitz and glamour distracts from genuine artistry. They’re cool for people who like that shit, but I enjoy a small, black box theatre and a small audience to share an experience with.

P.S. Kat is the best theatregoing buddy cause we were able to whisper, react and still stay respectful all at the same time.

Experimental theatre like this isn’t for everyone. But this show (as weird as it was) had an underlying message of how humans want to control things that they will never have any say over, which I think everyone can connect and relate to.

It is something I am constantly frustrated by, the way humans interact with and destroy animals and nature because they’re only looking to make money off of it. #capitalism

Our Earth is dying, and these older generations don’t bat an eye because they’ll most likely be under the dirt by that time. Future generations (as always) have to take on all of their mistakes and try to fix them to the best of our ability.

But this rant of mine could go on for years.

Overall, this show reminded me that if you have a vision to share and a story to tell, stick to your idea and make it happen, no matter what type of barrier is stands in your way. If you believe in your art and your truth, that will shine through no matter what.

I remember being in high school thinking I could never be a writer, I could never be a director, I could never be an actor, I could never be a comedian because I didn’t have the money, the resources, the talent, or the support. But watching this show reminded me that, no matter what, if you have a vision and you stay true to that vision, all you need is your confidence.

The Tank (the venue for this show) oozes confidence and passion, and I really owe them for such a cool experience. I hope to see more shows from them, and I hope Kat can join me as well.

P.S.S. The little girl in this show in the bison outfit was the CUTEST thing I had ever seen. She kept making eye contact with me and Kat and it was amazing!!

Kat’s Experience:

I knew Miranda would be on board with delving into some weird shit, which made this experience all the better. We definitely almost cried watching the little girl crawl on stage, and constantly looked at each other in confusion when the play took an unexpected twist… and then another twist… and even more twists!

Despite how small the stage was, the performance definitely did it justice. Speaking of justice, let’s consider justice vs. “JUST IS”.

That’s such an iconic line because we have, on one side, an environmentalist and social justice activist who spits out all these facts about societal wrongs. On the other side, a bison who has never heard of the concept, and really makes a mantra of “JUST IS”. Are we stupid to pin significance onto every little thing? (If you get that reference, you get a gold star!)

I would describe this piece as truly innovative because it found a way to use audio, film, music, wardrobe, animals and some type of grass-birthing contraption (just go see it and you’ll get it) to create a character-driven, morally complicated story that will leave you questioning. Every word that is spoken speaks to somebody about something. You are left to ponder, question and analyze just about everything — especially if you’re awoken by a mother bison singing a song to her dead baby…ouch.

There was also this one incident where they were pulling colorful streamers out of their bodies and tying them around the stage. And at the same time, they were babbling and mumbling what sounded like…memories? Past lives? At times they spoke in unison and at other times they were saying so much it seemed more like echoes. It was this beautiful, chaotic mess that made you realize we are all more connected than we let on.

It resonated so much with the polarized opinions on climate and the true nature of nature (ha, see what I did there?) on Earth. As a total supporter of Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s “Green New Deal”, I really appreciated the direction this play took. It goes to show that art doesn’t always have to JUST be about the art in a vacuum. It can definitely bring new angles to conversations we need to have more often.



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