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What’s It About?

Jim Fingal is tasked with fact-checking an important essay by John D'Agata about a teen who committed suicide by jumping off a building. Jim finds that literally every sentence is filled with half-truths. So starts the chaos…

My experience.

To be honest, I was thinking about seeing this show solely because Daniel Radcliffe is in it.

My mom knew I had this gift certificate for TKTS and she convinced me to use it for a mother-daughter outing. We got to the TKTS Booth at like 1:30pm. I wanted to just go back home cuz there was no chance there were tickets left, but my mom told me to shut the fuck up and wait.

This was all right before NYE and so the streets were packed. Idiots stood in the middle of our way and there was a huge-ass line and my anxiety started to kick in. My mom shoved me into the line but tried to calm me down at the same time. “If we don’t get the tickets for this show then we’ll go home, don’t worry.”

Luckily, we got tickets, but then we had like 10 minutes to get from 47th Street to 54th Street where the theatre was located. So commenced the craziness of Manhattan streets again! Now, the show is like crazy expensive and, based on our experience, I don’t think it’s worth the price tag. I’m not saying it’s terrible. I was laughing my ass off at some jokes, but I found myself bored most of the time.

I did have a connection to the character Jim though. He was a nervous wreck like I am. His boss gave him this big assignment and he spoke really fast and in a convoluted way. I remember how my summer job boss assigned me a big task and I was really nervous and couldn’t string my words together cuz I had never been given such a big responsibility before.

The play did make me think. I’ve never been one to embellish my writing for the sake of craft or aesthetic. John often wrote one thing when his sources said another. There was something about 31 strip clubs that closed for a day, but he said the number was 34 cuz he liked how the “four” sounded.

What the hell?!?

He also wrote that a girl hanged herself when she actually jumped off a building, just so he would have two different types of suicide in his narrative.

Jim got so fed up with John’s half-truths that it drove him mad. I get that. I can usually tell when people aren’t being honest or are saying things that don’t line up cuz I’m a good observer. So, if you’re thinking of lying to me…

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I will know.

Now closed. But we gotchu!

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