Julia @ 'The Big Bang Theory: The Musical Parody' - I mostly cringed

What’s It about?

Q from Star Trek tells Sheldon that he will turn the humans of Earth into ant hybrids unless Leonard, Howard, Raj, Penny, Bernadette and Amy show that they have achieved self-growth.

My experience.

I felt uncomfortable for the majority of the show. There were moments when I laughed…

But I mostly cringed.

I didn’t come in with major expectations, but I am gonna say I was disappointed. It was bizarre, but not in a good way. It kind of felt like terribly written fan fiction by a 7 year old who just learned how to copy and paste on the computer. I found myself cringing from secondhand embarrassment.

I ended up hating the female characters because of how they were written. The number of sex jokes and references was sky high. First off, Bernadette was made into a sex-crazed maniac. She yelled when she didn’t get her way or didn’t get enough attention, and made many body gestures to showcase her horniness. Yes, girls can be horny, too, but there is a point when expressing it so much is uncomfortable and just plain inappropriate.

Penny was made out to be a bitch who never stopped gloating about her looks and her body. She came off as pretentious and would constantly tell Leonard he was lucky to have someone who was “hot af.”

Amy was annoying in that she had to control everything. She constantly stopped the show (literally) to correct characters about how to make jokes according to CBS standards, or if someone was about to sing a song they didn’t have the license to. I was confused by these moments. Sometimes someone would say, “You’re acting just like you did in season 9!” WTF?

The men didn’t annoy me (as much). Maybe because the show was written completely by one man who didn’t understand that women aren’t one-dimensional?

I did think that the guy who played Sheldon sounded nearly identical to Jim Parsons. I was impressed by how fast he spoke in that high-pitched voice.

Raj came out as gay and expressed it in the song "I'm Only Hard for Howard." I couldn't believe what was happening, but my instincts told me to laugh. Howard was in the scene as Raj’s fantasy, so he wasn’t supposed to interact with Raj. I kept trying to watch Howard's face to see if he would break character. I saw his lip quiver at times. Honestly, the song was a little disturbing. Raj was more of a creep than someone with genuine romantic feelings. It was basically about a gay man being horny, but expressing it like how every creep does. It felt like a cheap comic gag. I gotta give props to the actors because — although this really was truly cringey and weird — I could see they were having fun.



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