Gino @ 'Spaceman' - had me silent crying in the end


The tail end of one woman’s eight-month solo journey to Mars.


For lack of a better term, this show shook me. 

I had never seen a one-person show before, so I was worried that it was going to be hard to sustain interest. And at first, it was. There was a lot of her waiting around, singing to pass the time, and cracking science jokes that clearly weren’t working on the younger audience. But it wasn’t all bad jokes and songs. 

In Spaceman, Earth is falling apart and Molly is the sole astronaut employed to establish a colony on Mars. On her journey, she’s forced to entertain silly, automated interviews for publicity. They criticize her for being too cold, not pretty enough and not funny. Go figure. THEN, they compare her to her dead astronaut husband. (Rude?) She’s balancing this EIGHT MONTH solo space trip and the pressure of saving the human race all while being ridiculed by sexist elitists. So when Molly’s sanity understandably starts to wear thin, it gets really hard to watch…in the most awful, heartbreaking, and disgusting reality TV-type way. She killed it. 

But let’s be real: Spaceman would not have been nearly as impactful if not for some of the most beautiful sound and lights I have EVER seen. It was 100 minutes of sensory overload, in a good way. And I’m not sure if it was the VERY loud and strobe-heavy climax or the shocking reveal at the end, but the same show that had me yawning in the beginning had me silent crying in the end :/ 

How did they feign zero gravity on stage, you ask? I won’t spill all the beans, but there is a bit of innovative puppetry and movement work that is quite spectacular.


This is a show for all my sci-fi loving, technical theatre-appreciating, woman-empowerment baddies out there. It is not for those who are sensitive to light and sound or have qualms with beautiful, complex emotional journeys.

FUN FACT: Spaceman opened one year ago, but Erin Treadway (Molly) broke both her arms after doing the bows for OPENING NIGHT, so that run had to be canceled. But she healed up and reopened the show a year later. Can you say commitment? 

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