Gino @ 'Gary' - Is this chaos worth it?


Two maids clean up an actual mountain of dead bodies.


I’m in Times Square. It’s raining. My umbrella broke. I’m 90 minutes early to the theatre. There’re people everywhere.

And so I ask myself…

Do I really need to see a play right now? Is this chaos worth it?

Fortunately, I persevered.

Cause, Gary was... cute.

If you’re looking for a fun, carefree night of over-the-top physical comedy and jokes about body fluids then yeah, this is the one. Gary was a very fun time. The giant mountain of full-size bodies was a shocking sight right off the bat. Even the fart and penis jokes almost made me forget about my trek to the theatre... almost.

I just couldn’t get behind the story. Gary, a former clown, gets promoted to maid after everyone else is killed in a war and they need help cleaning up the mess. Well, the mess never really gets cleaned during the play. There’re just slight character arcs. One maid learns confidence and the other vulnerability. At the end, they put on a musical number with five buff chorus men and call it a day. For me, that doesn’t really cut it. Gary was very entertaining, but my previous theatrical experiences have made it hard for me to not want more. Gary kinda left me… EH.

One brief exchange that I found quite meaningful was when the maids were arguing over complacency while working for corrupt people in power. One maid was proud of just cleaning up the mess of those in power, while the other proposed challenging the corrupted on their morals, not just cleaning up and moving on. That was a little gem of commentary on the current state of the world that I could dig.

Should you see Gary? Yeah! It’s spectacle galore, it’s lighthearted fun. There’s even a splash zone in the front row! Subtle nods to the history of theatre combined with crass comedy make this show span a lot of potential audiences. Should you run though the shitty rain for it? Mmm, I don’t know about that one.



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