Andrew @ 'Fruiting Bodies' - a mushroom hunter connoisseur


Two sisters go looking for their father who’s lost in a Northern California forest while dealing with family and life issues.


There are certain unwritten rules that theatregoers just have to know.

It’s to be expected that audience members are going to pay attention and have some kind of interest in whatever show they’re watching, especially if they’re in the first three rows (I was in the second)! I can’t remember the last time I had a seat so close to the stage. As soon as the show started and the lights came up, I was so up-close and personal with the actors, I felt like I was in the dang show myself.


But this wasn’t a drama so I knew I wasn’t a part of this cast. 😂😂😂

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Despite the fact that this wasn’t a drama, there were definitely many dramatic moments. One sister, Vicky, brought so much unnecessarily branded and expensive gear just to go on a mushroom hunting trip with her dad. She had a pretty lovely jacket, a brand-new bag and even a professional mushroom hunter’s knife. She brought all these gadgets hoping they would bring her closer to her father, who’s basically a mushroom hunter connoisseur. Her father couldn’t have cared less about any of her things. He didn’t even notice them until she brought them up.

Due to their stubborn father, the Nakagawa sisters had to deal with the absence of both their mother and brother. Their brother hated being around their dad because he would always express how disappointed he was that his son had a boyfriend. And their mother left their dad for someone more traditional and cultural.

I can only imagine that when a husband-wife or father-son relationship is altered and both sides aren’t open to moving forward in a positive direction, there’s no way the relationship can work. The family didn’t make up at the end and everybody wasn’t holding hands walking toward the sunset and I was okay with that. Besides, we all know happy endings are for Broadway shows, not Off-Broadway. 🤣



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