Evelyn @ 'Waitress' - Like a pie made entirely of crust

What’s it About?

A heartfelt musical about a small-town waitress that examines dark situations through the sweetness of pies.

My Experience.

First things first: I definitely want to share some content warnings. I’ve seen tons of advertisements for this show, and they didn’t really mention it had potentially triggering topics. There is a significant amount of time spent on marital abuse as well as cheating. If you have suffered trauma due to these experiences, I highly suggest preparing yourself before you head to Waitress since the plot heavily revolves around them. Now, back to my experience…

As soon as I stepped on New York City soil, I immediately headed straight for Broadway. With my brother in tow, we entered into the NYC chaos, ready to see Sara Bareilles on stage, live, performing her own score. We happened to pick a day when the show was hosting a Waitress Karaoke session, and while I would have loved to go up and sing, I do not know the music well enough to perform any song from memory. EEK. Unfortunately, that also meant that Sara couldn’t come out to greet fans at the stage door right after the show, which was a little bit of a bummer. (Complete side note: The “I Wanna Play Doctor” cocktail is pretty good. It's light and fruity — nice to sip on while you’re watching the show… only if you’re 21 lol.)

I have been listening to the original cast recording of this musical for a while now, so I was expecting a lot. To be honest, it didn’t really deliver, which is a shame because I really enjoy the music, but watching it live didn’t exactly add anything for me. I could have just listened to the album and imagined what I thought would happen on stage (or watched some animatics) and I think it would have had the same effect. Not to say that the acting was bad or anything. Actually, everyone was wonderful to watch and seeing Sara on stage was absolutely stunning. But like, this is Broadway, ya know? The actors aren’t usually what’s ‘bad.’ The show was just... okay. Nothing more.

There were some parts not from the album that I did enjoy, like the quips from Jenna about different kinds of pies packed with situational titles and and zingy ingredients. The whole idea of Jenna escaping her troubled life through her passion for baking pies was honestly immensely relatable. The sense of humor she had about her life struggles are what held me for the two-hour running time. However, while I did enjoy some of the minor details, it didn’t make up for the fact that I could just listen to the songs and what I could picture in my head would be around the same as what I saw on stage. But you get that. I just can’t get over how underwhelming it was — sorry! I definitely think that the show was enjoyable to watch, however, I’m kind of glad I didn’t decide to splurge on expensive seats TBH 🤷

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