Andrew @ 'Dying City' - this should be on Investigation Discovery


A widow gets an unexpected visit from the identical twin of her dead husband who died during the Iraq War.


This play consisted of three characters: Kelly, Craig and Peter. But there were only two actors. Colin Woodell played both Craig and Peter. Craig was Kelly’s deceased husband and Peter was his identical twin. Since Craig was long gone and only appeared in flashbacks, it made it easier for there to be only one Colin on stage at a time. 🤣 

Craig and Peter’s father was from the Midwest, a Vietnam War veteran who had a one-sided view of masculinity. One time while driving, their father punched a hole through the driver’s window out of nowhere. He was definitely experiencing some sort of PTSD due to his war experiences, but instead of seeing it as a problem, his wife smirked and felt turned on at how strong and manly he was.

Growing up in an environment like that can be toxic for a child. Trying to keep up with the pressure to be the most hardcore person in the room can do a lot of damage to someone’s ego and feelings. Maybe this was one of the many reasons why Craig ⚠️Spoiler Alert ⚠️ committed suicide in Iraq. ⚠️End of Spoiler ⚠️ Maybe he just couldn’t handle all the pressure of trying to embody manhood through his father’s lens.

Kelly loved Craig and had wanted a child with him, but learned that he had been unfaithful when Peter showed her some very personal e-mails his brother had written to him. When Peter confirmed he had cheated, Kelly managed to get the entire truth out of him… and it wasn’t pretty. She had to face the reality that Craig had actually cheated more than once.

Now I know Craig probably had a harder life, but my heart really went out to Kelly. I mean, can you imagine being faithful and fully committed to someone who isn’t even around you, meanwhile they’re out and about cheating?

Oh no… they shouldn’t be telling this story in a theatre. This should be on Investigation Discovery because Craig clearly wanted Kelly to go off on him.

It’s so sad and unfortunate that sometimes you really don’t know someone—even when you’re married to that person. The fact that you could be in love with someone who could so easily lie to your face is horrific to me.

This play was really a reaffirmation that many veterans need therapy and guidance post-serving. It would be amazing if there were a way to get therapy during war somehow, because psychologically seeing people get injured and die on a daily basis isn’t normal for a human being.

We as people have a long way to go. We need to promote kindness and love in order to get to a better future.



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