Andrew @ 'Bleach' - here I am lounging in a stranger's room

What’s it about?

A one-man show about a gay sex worker in New York City.

My experience.

So, this play takes place in a one-bedroom basement in Bushwick… yea, this was the first time I experienced anything like this.

Instead of chairs, there were sofas for seating. It definitely made everything feel more personal and as if it were happening in real time. I mean, I was literally in a bedroom which, to me, is like the number one most personal place for anyone. Your bedroom is your freakin’ castle. It should be one of those places where you can find peace, and I just felt like…

Oh, here I am lounging in a stranger's room. 😂

Tyler moved from the suburbs to New York City, far away from his family, friends and everyone he knew. He lived for the thrill, drama and chaos of NYC and so he signed up to be an escort.  Anytime he had to go work he would pack an “everything bag” with several condoms, lubricant, baby wipes and sex toys.


The show was like getting an inside look at the life of a sex worker. Tyler would randomly tell different stories of his sexual encounters. The craziest one had to be when he went to a mansion in Ridgewood, NY and participated in a threesome where one boy got slaughtered!


It made me think...

Whoa, sex workers really have no idea what the f&$! they’re about to encounter. It’s literally risking your life every time you go out and work.

From the outside looking in, it’s certainly a dangerous lifestyle. I can’t imagine not knowing if you're gonna make it out alive each time you enter a client’s house. That’s no way to live, but people also have to do whatever they can to make ends meet, so I’m not judging.

This whole play is actually the epitome of my life motto, “Do you boo!” cause Tyler was unapologetically doing him!

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