Andrew @ 'The Day I Became Black' - *laughs in Black Power*


A one-man show starring comedian Bill Posley about his life as a biracial man.


I didn’t really know what to expect with this show.

The bold title caught my eye, and I knew it was a comedy, so I was pretty much sold after that. The show had plenty of funny moments and plenty of super-deep, heartfelt scenes.

Posley recounted many experiences that went awry due to his race. People would try to “figure him out” and put him in a box. When he started taking standardized tests in elementary school, he was confused about which circle to bubble for his race, since there was no biracial option. When his teacher told him to bubble in black, he said it felt as if she was asking him to deny his white mother’s side of the family.

I can only imagine the struggles biracial people go through. I suspect that it’s a constant battle that occurs within, since the world always forces you to check a box. Going to family events where you can’t hang with one side of the family without worrying about the opinions of the other side is disheartening. Having to deal with that growing up can’t be healthy.

Posley always wondered if he was black enough for the black side of his family, or white enough for his white side. He felt like his life was hard enough, but what made life even worse was his white side was completely broke.

“Do you know how much it sucked knowing your black side of the family was richer than your white side?” – Posley 

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*Laughs in Black Power* Everybody was dead 😂 in the theatre after that. I mean he was right though...

*drops beat*

“If I was half white,

I betta have my checking$ right

I’m taking M’s out the bank

Sorta’ like a $et it off night”

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Now those bars above were all me, not Posley lol 😂! (You’re iconic if you get the Set It Off reference. WE LOVE JADA PINKETT! Oh #HeyJordyn!!!!)


The show was really a reminder that even though the world will try to label you, there are so many more positive things to look toward in life. And to be honest, they’re all just hating on you anyway and they can stay mad…🤪🤪🤪



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