Amberley @ 'Beetlejuice: The Musical' - death is hilarious


The 1988 cult classic turns into The Musical. The Musical. The Musical. (See what I did there?)


I’ll be honest. I was expecting something different from Beetlejuice: the Musical.

When I arrived at the Winter Garden Theatre, green and purple lights wrapped around the audience, which really set the mood for what I was expecting to see: a show so scary yet hilarious af. Well, the hilarious part was that Beetlejuice just wasn’t as scary as I anticipated.

I understand that the movie Beetlejuice, despite being a horror-fantasy film, is more hilarious than anything else. The musical did a great job replicating it visually, but the feeling of “horror” is something that never happened to me here. The music was strangely upbeat and energetic. Not once did I have an existential crisis about death or a foreboding feeling of death knocking on my door. I was really looking forward to a musical about death that made me question the world and what it has in store for us.


As for the plot, there is a betrayal of the source material, but it didn’t necessarily make the show any less enjoyable. Besides, listening to pop-culture references from my decade is so much better than jokes from the late 1980s. No thank you. Being the only person who doesn’t get a joke inside a huge theatre would have been awkward.

But really, who cares about emo bangers when you can have Beetlejuice introduce a tiny house on the hill? A Doctor Who reference, anyone?



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