Allysa @ 'King Kong' - I had to stop myself from tearing up

What’s it about?

Based on the original 1933 film, King Kong is about the relationship between man and beast. But mainly, it’s about a giant gorilla who takes a trip to New York City… and it ain’t cause he wanted to.

My experience.

I had heard people say that there was nothing special about King Kong, save for the fact that the main character was a massive animatronic puppet.

They were so wrong!

Every aspect of this production was absolutely perfect and it moved me to tears. I loved how King Kong and the snake, even though they were animatronic puppets, so vividly mimicked real-life animal movements. King Kong was controlled so well that he didn’t even look like a machine! It was so good to the point that I actually felt pity.

The sets were beautiful too! There was a point when the stage was transformed into a boat and it looked as if it was truly navigating the sea, all thanks to visual effects. Moreover, the set designers were able to make it look as if King Kong was running around the streets of New York, which was the highlight for me.

I thought that the sets were made even more spectacular by the score that accompanied them! The music in King Kong wasn’t what you typical hear in Broadway shows. It was more of a compilation of techno and club scene music, which added dramatic flair and suspense. It’s just what you need to keep you on your toes.

In addition to the fantastic music and beautiful set design, this show spread a message of love and acceptance. It was mostly about the relationship Ann had with the “beast:” how he was able to liberate her, and how she was able to see him as more than what other people saw. It was personal and I was doing my best to stop myself from tearing up.

I truly loved every aspect of this performance. I watched most of the show just staring with my eyes wide and mouth open. This is the definition of creative genius. To be able to combine score, set and machine into a perfect work of art that makes you reflect and feel is an amazing experience.

*Forewarning* This production will truly make you cry.



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