POST: 'Yerma' - Her obsession

What it's about.

Yerma is a heart (and gut) -wrenching play based on Federico Lorca's 1934 drama of the same name. It tells the tale of a woman struggling with the trauma of infertility and the obsession it leads to, with a modern twist that involves blogging and brutally honest journalism.

My experience.

Christine and I enjoyed a lovely matinee performance together thanks to complimentary tickets I received from the Park Avenue Armory, where I work part time. We both went in with little to no expectations of the play and its plot line. We also did not expect that it would lead us to spending over an hour in the after show lounge discussing our views on what it means to be a woman, religion, societal and cultural pressures and our very different views on motherhood. Here is a little snippet of our conversation that afternoon. 

Before you tune in though, we realized we lost the audio that included a funny little moment that happen during the show. So here is our transcription of that.

Christine: So, remember toward the end when she stabs herself in stomach.

Cheyanne: Yeah.

Christine: You looked so shocked about that, and I felt you look over at me after you gasped. But I didn't realize I had't reacted to all the blood and stuff.

Cheyanne starts laughing

Christine: So when I looked back at you I was confused and then you sorta nodded your head so then I just pretended to react shocked. 

Cheyanne: I thinks it was probably all the murder shows.

Christine: I mean, but like what else would you expect from a women holding a knife, ya know?