Rick @ Plot Points In Our Sexual Development- we are beings of categories

What’s it about?

An LGBTQ+ couple discuss and tear open the wounds and experiences of their sexual pasts.

Our experience.

Difficult. Disturbing. Relatable. Raw. That’s what this show was.

The couple on stage talked about every sexual experience and fantasy they’ve had in their lives thus far. They shared their urges and deep-seated fears about sex, and what it means to be a person in a sexual relationship.

There was nothing spectacular. Not a great set. No fancy lighting. No music. Barely any props. This was the simplest show I’ve been to, but perhaps the most engaging in terms of exposing inner sexual demons we seem obsessed with hiding.

What really caught my attention was the fact that both individuals had explored their sexuality as kids — before being exposed to any teachings of what is “morally and sexually” acceptable. These two people shared deep stories that made it very easy to recall having personally gone through similar experiences, including not knowing how to touch yourself, fantasizing about having sex with hot strangers and, of course, feeling the need to have sex just to prove that you can fit in with those around you.

Not getting into too much of the topic of sexual pressure/assault/harassment, this was the first time I'd learned that kids everywhere — as young as 10-years old — pressure each other to either have or not have sex in order to fit in. This just goes to show how weak sexual education in the school system is — hell, maybe even in America in general.

I didn’t learn about sex at all throughout my education. Everything I learned, I learned from Google or some half-assed crash course on abstinence (Catholic school...) or STD prevention presentations — *cue the images of gonorrhea*

Was it the best way to learn? No. Am I okay? Somewhat. Can we assume everyone else will be okay? Definitely not.

We define the value and worth of sex for ourselves. In order to find that value, we need to explore our own bodies and find out what we WANT and ENJOY before we seek pleasure from anyone else. We need to be confident in ourselves — not just sexually, but with our minds and everything we have to offer the world — before we can have good, enjoyable and HEALTHY sex.


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