Andrew @ 'Woman and Scarecrow' - I have to work on my patience

What's it about?

A mother of eight, wife to a cheating husband, reflects on her life retrospectively through her alter ego - "Scarecrow". 

My experience.

First of all, this $h!t was wayyyyyyy too long! The play's website said the show was 1 hour and 45 minutes which is why I still can't seem to understand why they had my ass leaving the theatre at an UNFATHOMABLY LATE 10:35 PM if the show started at 8 PM. 

This show had me like:

giphy (4).gif

You see the problem with shows that run this long and late is that my brain shuts off at 9:59:00 PM SHARP! There was absolutely no reason for me to be in that theatre for 2 hours and 35 minutes. Looks like I am definitely going to be talking about my disdain  for long shows rather than it being about the show's actual plot, but we'll get to that soon - no worries. 

Let's just get the plot out of the way... 

Okay, so this woman is literally at death's door and reflects on her entire life for 2 hours and 35 minutes until she actually dies. She conversed with her alter ego Scarecrow throughout the entire show about how her life could've been different. She realized that she is about to die unhappy, she reflected on the fact that she never really experienced true romance. At one point in her life, she remembered she encountered the perfect guy but she didn't give him a chance. She knew her life would end up in a more positive way if she chose him but she didn't. She took a different route and ended up with eight children and a cheating husband. She reflects and reflects and reflects until she dies at 10:34 PM which was 2 hours and 34 minutes into the show.

The End.

Alright, now let's get into why I can't take long shows:

- I can't sit for that long in a super confined seat

- I get super hungry, tired, aggravated/annoyed 

- I lose interest past the 2 hour mark

- I get bored if there are no wardrobe changes (there weren't any)

I guess you can say this show taught me a lot more about myself than anything. The biggest lesson here is that I have to work on my patience and tolerance.

Editor's note (Cheyanne): Same Andrew. Same. I aim to seek out shows with no intermission. That usually means they are at least under two hours.


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