POST: 'The Winter's Tale' - Men are triflin'.

What's it about?

The Winter's Tale is one of William Shakespeare's problem plays that circles around a jealous Leontes, King of Sicilia, and his suspicions that his wife Hermione has committed adultery with his childhood friend Leontes, King of Bohemia. The play gives us a huge dose of drama and intensity and a comedic, happy ending - split apart by the appearance of a bear.

My experience.

Will I ever get tired of Willy Shakes? Nah.

This was probably one of my favorite theatre going experiences ever because I got to experience it with a friend! That's always pretty scary, especially with Shakespeare, because his work isn't for everyone. It's almost three hours of intense nonsense and old English. My cup of tea but not for most people. I invited my good friend Michelle to join me for a night out that included pre-show Shake Shack, milkshakes and life conversations on a very misty Thursday. Is there anything more perfect than this combination of things?! Not much else. I loved every second of this night!!

I spent an entire semester during my junior year of college studying this particular play and wrote multiple papers on the content so it has become one of my favorites after extensively working on it. I will forever have questions about the underlying importance and relevance of the bear, Mamillius' death and whether or not Paulina is a witch or just crafty at hiding a human body for a while. Shakespeare's work to me is so much like the Holy Bible - no matter how many times you read and study it, there is always more to learn.

Let's not forget to mention my issues with men like Leontes - how he can condemn, publically embarass and have his wife arrested and STILL get her back in the end. Men are triflin'. That is only partly redeemed by the SUPER BAD ASS Paulina. Women are the best, honestly.

All in all, it wasn’t my favorite production of this play but it will go down as one of my favorite theatre-going experiences because of the way the entire evening turned out. Nothing makes theatre better than getting to experience it, chat about it and eat before and after it with someone you love! Love ya Michelle! 💕

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