Veronica @ 'Peace For Mary Frances' - SIS...You literally had ONE job

What's it about?

A family matriarch, 90 year old Mary Frances Davidian wants to die peacefully, with the hopes of reuniting her family. 

My experience. 

I was in a particularly good mood on the day I would experience two and half hours of DRAMA. The day was beautiful: it was sunny, birds were singing, and overall there was a lot of summer vibes. It was a perfect day to go to the theatre (really, everyday is). Paradoxically, however, I had just experienced a minor panic attack, after my train was delayed for 30 minutes!! Thankfully, I made it to the theatre just in time.

Not today, Satan. 



To sum up the entire show with a few words it would be the following:

  • Family drama

  • Tea

  • Lots of F*****g TEA.

Keeping up with the Davidians

Mary Frances is 90 years old and on the verge of death. Under the care of her daughter, Fanny, a recovering druggie, she has plans of ending her life. However, she waits for her whole family to convene at her house in CT to reveal them. Here, we encounter Alice, Mary Frances' other daughter (who for some reason gets a lot of shit from everyone), and her two adult granddaughters. It is then, that she finally reveals her plans going forward: hospice care. With this, she will stop taking medications to extend her life, and rather, focus on the quality and comfort of her final days. Peace, is what Mary Frances seeks, however, that peace is not easily attained.


The way I see it, Mary Frances is not able to be at peace until she has completed her "unfinished business." Her unfinished business? Her family: The Davidians. They are dysfunctional AF. Alice and Fanny don't speak to each other, Fanny's relationship with her daughter is estranged, and Mary Frances' son, Eddie is an inconsiderate dickhead (I wanted to bitch slap him on more than one occasion).


Eddie, you inconsiderate piece of shi- BOY BYE.

I have to go off on a rant about Eddie: this dude does the bare minimum to help out his family with the situation. He shows up to his dying mother's house like once a week, during which he just puts his feet up on the couch and eats sushi. Alice is literally the only one doing anything and this little fucker has the NERVE to criticize her. Sit down. 

Rant over.

Anyway, there is only so much Mary Frances can do in this situation. As the play progresses, she begins to fade away (bc of her treatment) and the family drama further amplifies. 


The one character I found myself feeling for was Alice. As I've mentioned, she gets too much shit from everyone for no reason. Fanny, Mary Frances' clear favorite, and perhaps the most troublesome member of the family, is constantly manipulating her mom into scolding Alice for like, literally no reason at all. It's because of Fanny's manipulation that Mary Frances is so distant with Alice. She is evidently the least favorite child. Nevertheless, they are connected by an inseparable bond. And it is Alice that is by her mother's bedside and does all the heavy lifting when she needs it the most. ALICE IS THE REAL MVP. 

Meanwhile, Fanny is petty AF. At the same time, though, she's jealous of the fact that Alice literally shows up out of nowhere, and decides to take over Fanny's job as caretaker. However, if we're being honest, Fanny wasn't exactly the best caretaker: she's not the most attentive person, seeing as she forgot to turn on her mom's oxygen tank!!


SIS...You literally had ONE job. ONE JOB.

NOT ONLY THAT....Fanny and her web of lies got Mary Frances to write Alice out of the will!! What kind of F****d up shit is that?! It's ok though, because Alice gets back at her BIG TIME. She gets Fanny kicked out of the house. And Alice is like:


I thought it was interesting to see how sibling rivalries are still present even in adulthood. The two sisters competed for their mother's affections, though one clearly received more than the other. This play combated the dark topic of dying. It's a reality we will all eventually face. In the end, there is no miracle. Mary Frances dies alone in her bedroom. The family is still torn. But, Mary Frances is at peace at last. 

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