POST: 'Transparent Falsehood: An American Travesty' - taken aback and pretty SHOOK!

What's it about

A play dedicated to following the circus life... I mean President Donald Trump and his families life. 

Editor's note: #SHADE

My experience.

I thought this would be actors emulating Trump, his family and members of his team in a way that the audience would find humorous. was the complete opposite.

The direction this play took was unsettling. I kept telling myself that no one would actually want to see this hot mess express of a play, if they knew how much it would make them cringe. 

The guy who was playing Trump didn't hold back in his imitation. Throughout the play he would talk about topics that were racially sensitive and caught the audience off-guard. I expected more of a Saturday Night Live (SNL) type of performance but instead we got Trump talking about:

  • Building the wall
  • His lack of respect for foreigners, specifically Mexicans
  • African Americans 'friends' who he referred to as 'negros'
  • Grabbing women by the pu$$y
  • His massive ego
  • How everyone is considered lesser than him
  • How good Melania looked before the presidency
  • His love for Ivanka and their incestuous relationship

I'm aware that all of these topics are things that he has already addressed during his presidency but his delivery and overall execution was so offensive and ignorant.

The actor literally pointed at a black woman and Hispanic man in the audience when discussing 'Negros' and 'Mexicans' which had the audience taken aback and pretty SHOOK!

It's sad to say that he did a good job.. but like he did. Our president is really out on these American streets saying these crazy hurtful things and this play illustrated the severity of politics and who we elected into office. 

In retrospect, I can't be mad at the actor for portraying Trump considering all the offensive things he has done and said so far, I just didn't expect him to be so aggressive and overbearing. It just made me realize that America is really just one big comedic reality show right now, and I'm hoping we get to the finale...soon.

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