Alondra @ 'TRANSFERS' - a number dictates our destiny. 

What's it about?

Transfers is a play about two college students competing for a spot at a wealthy private school. 

My experience.

 With my first year of college coming into an end. All I could say is... college is a bitch. Since I've been at home cramming for finals for the past week.

I thought it would be a lit idea to take a break and go see a play. I thought Transfers would be about the excruciating process of transferring from school to school, hence the title. Something I know a little too much about since I have attended three colleges in just one year. What can I say, I'm picky. Instead, Transfers gave me insight on how the admission process works. Let me tell you, its FUCKED UP!!!

Long story short, Transfers centers around two students - Clarence and Cristofer, who attend the same community college. Both students are competing for a spot at a prestigious university. Cristofer's political incorrectness does not get in the way of his chance of attending Northeastern University. Clarence, on the other hand, is unable to secure a spot at the university, despite being considered a "bright student". How did that happen? The SAT's are to blame. 

The play's constant reference to the SAT's gave me war flashbacks. 

The sleep deprivation...

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the crying 

and the giving up 

... and desite the stress we as students undergo trying our best to get into college, a number dictates our destiny. 

You know there is this thing called cheating that teenagers are really good at. Therefore, should a number really define us as students? There are so many other things that teenagers have to deal with, like acne. Then you throw SATs in the mix and they won't even make it to prom. Moral of the story is the SATs suck and admissions have some serious work to do. 

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