POST: 'Transfers' - We all can't be Beyonce

What's it about

Two gifted students from the same disenfranchised neighborhood in the Bronx who compete for a chance to get into a prestigious northeast university on a full scholarship after two years of overachieving at a local community college.

My experience.

Being that I graduated a year ago, I thought it would be pretty cool to see a show that somehow related to college. This show gave an inside look on all the intricacies pertaining to the college admission process. 

Let's get into a little bit of the backstory. Cristofer and Clarence both went to the same school and were trying to get into a college that only accepts four students from their community college. Both Cristofer and Clarence had a rough upbringing. Cristofer - a Hispanic male, was raised by his grandmother since his parents were absent while Clarence - an African-American male, could be seen standing on a street corner with a group of other guys.

It was like a classic 'hood' story where the running question in the audience's head could be, "are they gonna make it out this lifestyle alive?" I kept asking myself Is their education really going to be the thing that makes them succeed and live a different life? 

Cristofer was getting his scholarship on account of him being an amazing wrestler while Clarence was getting his due to his impressive admissions essay. Cris had a lot of built up anger because his grandmother died. He showcased his anger during his face-to-face interview being that his grandmother was the only thing that really kept him sane and off the streets. 

Cris wasn't your average straight A student. He was always unfiltered and never switched up his personality for anyone, he was even cursing during his interview. I felt like I was watching Cardi B or something:

...I mean Cardi is Hispanic and from the Bronx just like Cris πŸ€”.

Despite being unfiltered, Cristofer's grades are undeniably stellar. He's been a straight A student all his life and proved that he could be a great asset to the university. Clarence's interview was poppin! πŸ”₯ He answered all questions flawlessly - with passion, charisma, and honesty which led to impressing the hell out of the interviewer.

When it came down to choosing who would be admitted, the staff chose Cristofer and a few other students but not Clarence. He wasn't chosen because although he had a great admissions essay and displayed great potential to grow with the university, his test scores weren't up to par. The audience was shocked but I saw it coming. I mean DUHHH!!!!!!!! We already know the way this world really works so let's stop acting surprised here.

It was unfortunate to see Clarence get denied but I really can't say that I was surprised. If anything, this play has reaffirmed to me that there are systems in this world that are solely designed to look at people as nothing but a number. Clarence wasn't going to get in because of his passion, eagerness to learn or because he was from a bad neighborhood and could get a fresh start. He was only looked at as a number which was pretty sad. 

I guess the message of this show had something to do with the fact that as humans, we can't change the way the world works if we don't stick together. We all can't be good at everything, we all can't be Beyonce.

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