POST: 'This Flat Earth' - I wish I could tell her

What it's about.

After a school shooting occurs at a middle school, everyone is trying to recover. Julie, learns about the truth of school shootings and how difficult it is to live with. 

My experience.

Julie is a 13 year old girl that is struggling with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) after a shooting takes place at her middle school. The blurb on the website didn't really specify this and so I was actually quite a bit shocked when I realized what her story was about. Somebody actually made a play about school shootings?

I normally try to avoid the topic of school shootings because when I start to think about it in depth, I get very anxious. When I was younger, in high school, I was always afraid my school would get shot up. Not even just in my school, anywhere I went - the bus or train, a store, out in the open.

I can't understand why this problem exists and neither could Julie. It was also a strange coincidence that our names were so closely similar and we both had anxiety when it came to the topic of school shootings. Julie, however, is a survivor of a school shooting. She dealt with PTSD, most prominent at night, before she would fall asleep, when her upstairs neighbor started playing cello recordings that reminded her of one of the classmates she knew that lost her life in the shooting. Whenever her dad would come in at night, she would scream.

Unlike me, Julie didn’t know school shootings happen all the time. She lived with her dad (a single parent) who could barely afford a TV or laptop, so she didn’t have much interaction with news. As she was learning the truth about PTSD, it became more noticeable and she became too afraid to leave her apartment.

I remember feeling like that and I didn’t even live through what she had. But my anxiety over this eventually lowered enough for me to be able to compose this post without being scared for my life. I’ve learned to accept the fact that these things happen even though I don’t want them to. I still do believe my chances of experiencing a shooting are higher in the States than if I were to live in any other country though. There apparently have been two shootings outside my campus since I've started college. There was also a full on 2-hour lock-down in my high school once and everyone in my class did think a shooter had come in, but  thankfully it wasn't. I was never upset about the metal detectors that were placed at times. So many others were and so that day I was angry at them for complaining about an action that probably saved their lives.

Why can’t the adults just fix this?” I remember Julie asked.

I wish I could tell her that it's actually some adults that are the ones letting this happen. I wish I could tell her about the bribes by the NRA to the majority of Congress and that certain people’s outdated perspective of Americanism and humanism is prohibiting essential gun control.

Like, Julie I also ask similar questions. Why can't this stop?

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