Houssaynatou @ 'This Ain't No Disco' - Partner in Crime

What's it about?

A young woman and man finding their way in the disco era of the 1970s. Along the way comes glory, heartache, and passion in the infamous Studio 54.

My experience.

Chad and Sammy are young people trying to make it through this decade.The constant stream of sex, drugs, and suicide that is ravaging NYC streets during this time period leads them to seek refuge in the infamous Studio 54. I always heard about this club through movies and music. During my freshman year of college I took an introductory course to Gender Studies, which went in-depth about the AIDS epidemic and the role that Studio 54 played in it. The professor decided to play a documentary based on the relationship between the clubs and the disease. It shined a light on how life was for those simply trying to express themselves, but encountered something that changed them forever.

Sammy was all about living her teenage life but an unexpected pregnancy brought on by her step father shifted her priorities. Her dream of becoming a singer went down the drain in order to take care of her son, Charlie. For Chad, his dream of becoming famous went down the drain as well due to the volatile relationship between him and his father. This led to him leaving home at a tender age and eventually becoming a male prostitute. Their outcomes were nothing they expected until they had the courage to change it, and that's how their encounter outside of Studio 54 led to a new friendship. Ironically, they attended the same high school but were not friends but knew of one another.

Studio 54 screamed lights, camera, action from the looks of it on stage. The stage was practically turned into a mini night club. The erotic scenes though threw me off. They were men on stage with speedos on that clearly emphasized their junk, but than again it was a club that screamed sex. I was definitely uncomfortable at times because I don't like seeing those things. I think when it comes to any form of affection being displayed, that should be done in private not public. That stems from my religion (Islam) where showing affection is strongly looked down upon. If affection is openly displayed amongst other Islam followers, their mindset goes to other places where they can imagine what you do behind closed doors. There was a lot of humping between cast mates and surprisingly those that frequented in the club back than were quite freaky themselves. Without naming names, a popular NYC mayor frequented Studio 54 but kept a low profile. From the looks of it this club was a place for people to escape and not be their everyday self, but their true self.

For Chad and Sammy, Studio 54 was their golden ticket to a fresh start. Chad fell into the hands of those trying to use him for his physical features, whereas Sophie (Sammy) came across someone who wanted to see her do well in life. Sophie was finally living her dream and it saddened her to see Chad not live out his. Seeing Sammy so happy turned his misfortune into positivity. Together, they conquered Studio 54 with their talent and presence. For many, having that partner in crime is all that they need to see the light at the end of the tunnel.


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