Post: 'The Undertaking' - Death is Inevitable

What it's about.

A journey to the land of the dead.

My experience.

Have you ever thought about life after death, and all the possible events that could occur? There are so many options…

-       Heaven (of course)
-       Hell
-       Purgatory
-       Living as a spirit/ghost forever
-       Reincarnation
-       Nothing

What if nothing happens? What if your consciousness is wiped away along with your body, spirit, and soul? What if all the memories you made on Earth and all the experiences you’ve had were for nothing? These are just some of the questions that arose in my mind during this show, of course they were short-lived.

The show focused on a guy named Steve who has a lot of anxiety when it comes to death. He wondered what was on the other side and had no way of finding out. He then found a ‘psychopomp’ who helped him on his journey. A ‘psychopomp’ is literally someone who helps you on your journey to the place of the dead. I know it sounds scary and crazy so you know my face was like this the whole time:

Personally, I believe in Heaven and life after death. There must be life after death. You can’t tell me that everything we go through on Earth is for nothing. I believe the decisions we make that shape our lives and character must be recognized by a higher power. I call it God. There’s no way that everything ends once we die, that would make life pointless.

I must say I have never seen a show that has made me ask myself so many questions. I found myself thinking so hard in almost every scene.

When the psychopomp helped Steve travel to the other side, he suddenly was no longer anxious or nervous when it came to discussing death. Steve’s sense of humor came when his anxiety left, he asked his psychopomp “Is this what happens when you stop being anxious? You just have feelings all the time?”

I suppose that death is something that a lot of people aren’t comfortable discussing but one thing is for sure, death is inevitable and no one really knows exactly what happens, maybe we’ll find out on the next season of Black Mirror!

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