Alyssa NOT @ 'The Little Mermaid' - A Shipwreck!

What's it about?

Editor's Note (Christine): How NYC Flash Flood Warnings ruined Alyssa's plans. 

My experience. (even though I didn't make it to the show)

Before you ask.....NO, I did not get into a shipwreck.

Editor's Note (still Christine): Yea...that's exactly what I would have concluded from the shipwreck description 😂

It certainly did feel as if a shipwreck was going to happen though. I actually felt as if I was experiencing a similar but yet less catastrophic version of Part I of The Little Mermaid movie.This would be the scene where Prince Eric gets shipwrecked. My experience was complete with lightning, a bit of thunder, flooding, seagulls, sirens via Flash Flood Warning alerts and a boat. Let me tell you how this all went down.

I had just taken the ferry and there was suddenly lightning, a bit of thunder and a downpour of rain along with Flash Flood Warning alerts going off all around the boat, strangely resembling sirens and louder than a Gossip Girl blast. How ironic that there was also flooding on the day that I was due to see The Little Mermaid, at Snug Harbor no less! At that point, my "sea legs" were not able to bring me to the theater. I wasn't going to risk becoming a "Poor Unfortunate Soul." Ariel may have sold her voice but I was leaving with everything intact. I decided that if the alerts mentioned flash flooding until 9:00pm when the show started at 8:00pm, I had better get home as fast as possible or end up "Under the Sea" but without Sebastian and Flounder.


See it (guess the flood washed them away but here's some other stuff you can hopefully make it to lol):

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