POST: 'The Seafarer' - my cat shows more devilish qualities

What's it about.

On Christmas Eve, Mr. Lockhart stops by the Harkins brothers' home during a poker game. But he didn't come to win money - he came to win Sharky's soul.

My experience.

I had gone to the Irish Rep before to see The Home Place. I checked their website to see what they had coming up and I saw Matthew Broderick (the voice of Adult Simba!) was starring in the show. I didn’t even check to see what the show was about. I just knew I had to see it.


As the show started, Matthew was nowhere to be seen. For a second I thought he was replaced for the day, so I was a bit disappointed. I tried to let it go so I could just enjoy the fact that I was seeing a show. Then halfway through the first act, a man with a fake moustache named Mr. Lockhart came on stage...and I recognized him - it was Matthew. 

I immediately sat up straight as soon as I saw it was him. I was waiting for him to open up his mouth and say something grand, but all he said was "hello". His character was kinda reserved. He didn’t speak unless spoken to and for some reasonm it started getting me agitated. I didn’t know who the character was so I didn’t understand what was happening. I just kept shouting in my head for him to be more 'out there' instead of just sitting on the couch.

But when he and another character were left alone, he revealed himself to be (what Wikipedia calls) a Mephistophelian entity, but I thought he was just the devil. Matthew wasn't really giving off any evil vibes though, but I didn't know if that was the point. I just kept getting agitated.

Like, my cat shows more devilish qualities just when she yawns.


But now that I think about it, I'm kinda like Mr. Lockhart. I find myself to not talk as much as others because I feel like my intonation isn't as great as others and in my head I'm always trying convince myself to say more. Sometimes, I get so frustrated with myself when I don't speak well or say enough and that I'm not perfect like those people who captivate everyone's attention. I honestly wanted to, and still do, want to change the way I speak. I went to speech classes recently and registered for an acting class this upcoming Fall. So, finger's crossed! 

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