Sasha @ 'The Promised Land' - Definitely a Sasha moment.

What’s it about? 

A family of three consisting of the father and husband, Abraham, mother and wife, Ester, and their daughter Rebecca (also referred to as Becca throughout the play). Abraham, is in charge and owns a farming community that has a lot of “weight” and is important to the rest of the world.

My experience. 

I actually was very excited to see this play. No particular reason but I was. On my way to the theater, I actually passed it until my GPS said “You’ve arrived to your destination” and I was in front of a restaurant. Would have loved for the restaurant to be my destination but it definitely was not.

Waiting for the play to begin, I said to myself how small of a theater it was. I don’t know why I was so shocked being that majority of the off broadway shows I’ve seen were in small theaters. Definitely a Sasha moment.

Anyways, they opened the doors and allowed us to go inside and gave us brief information about the play saying it was going to be about 90 minutes long or so and having another Sasha moment, I said to myself, what will I do if I have to use the bathroom but thank God, the play was so interesting that, I actually did have to use the bathroom but didn’t realize until I was nearly home. 

There were only four actors but they made it easy to visualize the other people in the play that weren’t physically there for example Elliot’s family, dad and brother and the “prisoners” that Abraham had, Riley and the scarecrows.  

It took me a bit to get into the flow of understanding what really was going on but eventually I got into it. I honestly don’t remember what I read online before choosing this play but I thought this was a play about an interracial couple fighting against those who did not want them to be together but in fact it was nothing like that at all. Simply about the family having the last bit of the best land on Earth and there were people out to get Abraham because of that. I actually love the fact that race wasn’t brought up in the play at all which I thought it would be being that the parents are an interracial couple. 

Anyways, my favorite character throughout the entire play was their daughter Rebecca because of how clever and intelligent she was flirting and basically being a spy on Elliot for her mom, Ester.

Whenever plays have scenes where two actors are making out, it always makes me sqeaumish. Childish, I know but I can’t help but feel that way. Always brings me back to watching tv with my parents and one of those scenes come on and you just wish you could teleport into another room or something. Although I did feel squeamish when Elliot and Rebecca were making out, it wasn’t as bad as other times because the audience was actually fairly empty so I had an entire row to myself.

The funniest part to me was when Abraham found out Rebecca was pregnant with Elliot’s child and came storming out with a gun. I think I hollered the loudest in there!  


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