Allysa @ 'The Play That Goes Wrong' - getting to the damn show WENT WRONG

What’s it about?

A British farce about a performance of “The Murder at Haversham Manor,” but this is mostly about how my getting to the damn show WENT WRONG!

My experience.

I went to see this show on a school trip, and for the life of me couldn’t find the Lyceum Theatre where it’s playing!

I was roaming around Times Square like some sort of crazed person following billboards (literally “walking into the light”) trying to find it. When I was about to give up, someone called and gave me step-by-step directions to get to the theatre. It was funny because I actually passed him while I was on the phone speaking to him!

The Play That Goes Wrong wasn’t something I could enjoy because it wasn’t worth watching after wandering around Times Square trying to find this place for 20 minutes, calling the professor to tell him I was lost and him not picking up. It was through getting lost in Times Square that I realized no one really has your back in this city. I had called some friends, but they couldn’t help because they were already in the theatre with guests. I was a little perturbed because if someone is in trouble and the show hasn’t even started yet, I would tell the person I was with the situation and we would go together to help a friend out. That’s just what you should do.

Anyway, for anyone who wants to know, The Play That Goes Wrong is literally about performing a play that goes wrong. This play is about an affair, a man who is presumed dead and a case of attempting to solve a “murder.” The transition from Act I to Act II didn’t really make much sense to me because nothing really happens in Act II — the actors literally say the same lines again and again and the house comes crumbling down.

So really, the first act was more tolerable.

I would say that the show would be quite nice to watch if you aren’t like me, obsessively thinking about human integrity during most of the play LOL.

For those of you, like me, who have a hard time figuring out where the hell this theatre is located:

1) Walk toward the Lion King banner in Times Square (you can’t miss it) and make a left.

2) The theatre is not surrounded by any theatres, so if you feel that you are in somewhat of a desolate place with a bowling service next to you, then you are on the right path.

3) The theatre name is not really advertised, you will have to look thoroughly (I spent 15 minutes trying to do this).

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