POST: 'The Pill' - They were all screwed up

What it's about. 

Sylvia takes her daughter's antidepressant medication away. Panic ensures, and the audience is taken on an adventure through the memories of a family told through the perspective of three generations.

My experience.

I was continually lost.

I kept getting mixed up between which memories were which and if they actually happened. The family was constantly disagreeing on how the events took place. Memories would be jumbled up, so I couldn't tell when I was in the past or the present or if a memory had switched to another. It was kind of like hearing a child tell you a story. You kind of just nod your head, smile, and just go along for the ride. 



I'm tired, mom.

Those three phrases stuck with me throughout the show. Watching these characters exude symptoms of mental disorders and emotional distress. Relating to the thoughts they were having. They're all too common. This idea that we don't want to feel the way we do. That we want freedom from this darkness. We're just looking for the light at the end of the tunnel, and sometimes, it can be tiring. I know that feeling all too well.

It got darker from there. Leni, Sylvia's daughter, was forced into rehab, and her pleas not to go were bone chilling. I began thinking, what if no one could save her? What if no doctors or pills would work? What if she needed to be the savior of her own story? Those thoughts are easier said than done, but the rehab wasn't helping, and she just kept getting worse. What do you do in a situation like that? As a brother? As a mother? As a grandmother? Because I honestly wouldn't know where to start.

There was some light at the end of this tunnel. What I loved about this show was that no matter what, no matter how crazy it got, they all had each other's backs. They loved each other, stuck together, and as cliche as it may sound, I think that's what helped all of them through. That idea that they were never going to be alone and that they were all screwed up, but all screwed up together.

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