POST: 'The Optimist' - They didn’t need any words

What it's about 

A group of individuals presenting their talents of dance, gymnastics and music, and having fun doing so. 

My experience. 

It is important to mention that I was very sick and exhausted the day of the show. I’ve never dreaded going to a performance as much as this day. I lacked all form of energy and truly couldn’t focus on anything.  I wanted to go home before I even left my house. 

I remember sitting in the theater before the show started and just wishing for my headache to go away so that I could at least try to watch the show. But I didn’t need to force myself to focus, as for the first time ever, I watched a show that was a mood booster. It just made me happy, truly and simply happy. Even more shocking was the fact that it was able to even though the actors didn't speak one word. To be able to so easily make me smile and laugh without verbally communicating some sort of story was a performance that I have never experienced before, especially since this was not a miming show or anything like Mr. Bean - it was more of a presentation of different talents and hobbies. 

Each actor had a certain talent, whether it was magic, gymnastics, tap or dance, and they would all perform one by one, doing what they love and what they’re good at. They didn’t need any words. They had fun, and as a result, I couldn’t stop smiling. This felt like such an innocent and sweet show to put up. A group of people with specific talents doing what they do best, and when people enjoy what they do, you can see it in their eyes, and I saw that! Whenever they laughed or danced, they had fun!  Seeing people in their state of self where they present something they love or are passionate about is one of the most beautiful things, because it is true to them. It's like getting a glimpse of an element of someone's life, the part that brings them joy.  

For example, the tap dancer in the show might have learned tap for this specific performance, but that does not take away from her ability to do it so well at this point, and it does not make her enjoyment of it any less. She was smiling and laughing while dancing, she enjoyed herself.  So, even if she learned tap just for this show, I do believe that the happiness that was reflected back from her was real. The happiness and fun that the actors had was so clear in their eyes, and seeing other people so happy, even if they’re just acting, it made me really happy too.

I’ve never experienced a show that didn’t have some sort of twist or intrusion, and it is believed that these obstacles are what makes theater interesting - and it’s true. But for once, to experience a show that was stable and entertaining due to its lack of drama was so refreshing.

My goal in life is to make people happy, as that’s the thing that fulfills me the most, so I feel like this show was perfect for me, especially since I wasn't feeling well that day. This show gave me what I want to give to people. A smile.

So I understand why it’s called The Optimist, as an optimist is a person that makes the most of everything, and enjoys the moment as it is. It’s people who focus solely on the thing that makes them feel most alive and energized. The things people love cannot bring them down. This show was the group of Optimists. 

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