A Marriage Contract

I went to go see the play “A Marriage Contract”. Being that I have been to several small play houses/theaters and knowing that this play wasn’t a big play, I kind of pre judged the show. I wouldn’t necessarily say in a good way nor in a bad way either.

The theater itself was very cute and had a vintage style which I loved. What I especially loved about the theater is the way the seating arrangement was. The main stage was in the center and there were three seating sections; one facing directly to the front of the stage and two other seating sections to the left and right of the stage. I was in section A which made me very happy, as usual, to be seated front and center.

A man spoke before the play started and said the play would run about 2 hours and a half and my eyes became wide because I wondered what content could this small play possibly have and especially in such a small space for two and a half WHOLE hours ?! 

While the man spoke, two of the actors started speaking and it was a form of yelling/argument and that was part of the play which I thought was very clever.

The father and son in law, quickly came out and you could already tell the dynamic of the play.

As the play was moving along, there’s a few things that I really enjoyed. The way the actors used a small space yet made the room feel like a grand theater. I also enjoyed how interactive the play was. For ceratain instances, the actor would say something and look at the audience for approval or in shock to sort of break the fourth wall. 

I must say how hilarious this play was. My favorite actor in the play was Natty who played a young man who was looking for love but always was “too late” being that another man would always propose or act on the women he was eyeing, first. He was even too late with giving advice which made his character all the more funny.

Even though Natty was my favorite character all throughout the play already, the ending made me enjoy his character even more. In the end, Natty was going to propose to Dr. Tinkey’s daughter and he was too late (yet again!) and he had a bouquet of flowers to give to her but when Mrs. Tinkey and the rest of the cast was gathered in Robert Fleming and Sabina’s new New York City apartment, Mrs. Fleming announced that her daughter was recently engaged back home in East Lemons and Natty looked into the audience and being that I was sitting front and center, he looked at me and GAVE ME the set of flowers which I thought was so cool; breaking the fourth wall to end the play. Super creative! 


Sasha DastineComment