POST: 'The Loneliest Number' - I do not understand how attraction works

What's it about:

A married couple tries out open marriage and it leads to all sorts of dramaaa!

My experience. 

3 is a stable number, according to John and Wendy at the beginning of the play, as they are trying to convince Kevin - Wendy's coworker - to be 'the third' in their marriage for the month of August. That was the moment in a domino effect that all the drama happened. I bet you if it was anyone but Kevin that was sitting in that leather seat, being asked to partake in a month-long threesome, everyone's lives would have stayed the same.

I sat in the front row - my feet touched the stage which was set as an apartment living room/bar scene. John and Wendy came in and were trying to convince Kevin, their August choice, to be a sexual partner. He agrees to do it, saying he has done this before which shocks me and the couple. Kevin is this weird fellow that doesn’t say much in small talk besides yes, no, and okay and when he does speak he just makes everyone feel uncomfortable and gets too literal with everything. He was adopted and claimed his birth mother found him and said that they were robot aliens that crashed landed on Earth and that when their spaceship is ready she would come get him and they would return home. He actually believed that woman. At one point he even said that people legit just ask him to sleep with him and he would because they asked. But Wendy - who is like normal-normal - liked him for some reason. She liked him a lot in fact that they started having an affair in which it got her pregnant.

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I do not understand how attraction works. I couldn’t really connect with anyone in the show. 

With every month comes a new sexual partner, but in the play we are only introduced to two, Kevin and Arianne – the laundromat/bar keeper.

I just thought everyone was dumb. The marriage was falling apart as Wendy became attached to Kevin which caused John to try and pursue Arianne as revenge. We only saw Wendy’s relationships with Kevin and John, but never saw a scene where it was Arianne with anyone even though it was suggested by Wendy in conversation with John that she was dating him.

When Arianne was on stage she usually had a drink in hand, convincing everyone to take shots. She gave a backstory to her first boyfriend – one of the most popular guys at school who, before he dated her, didn’t even notice her existence and was with the most popular girl at school. He left her the day after she gave him her first bj and went back to his ex.

She kept talking about how she could never settle with anyone. She’s been with both guys and girls and complained how much her life sucked. I get it when you feel like you made a mistake when letting someone in like that, but the life Arianne chose to live after that – just sleeping around with everyone, spending every night drinking, working crappy jobs, barely speaking to your family – is not something I take pity on someone. In fact, I didn’t even feel bad for her.

Wendy and John started living crappy lives as well. They both agreed that their idea of the open marriage was a mistake as they started to miss each other. The whole ordeal was destroying them. John literally was fighting prostate cancer all by himself, which scared the shit out of him. He wanted Wendy to be there for him, but because of the baby he couldn't look past the betrayal. After Wendy suffered from a miscarriage, it drove her to drink. She got drunk at an Applebee’s bar, got into a bar fight, got kicked out of said bar, got high on painkillers and came back to the regular bar and took some more drinks begging for John to take her back home leaving Kevin standing like a statue with his broken heart.

I don't have much experience in relationships, but in my opinion I don't think open marriage is for everyone. Not everyone is even fit for marriage. But everybody knows who they are and what they want. I know I want a single partner and a family of my own. I don't really find open marriage/relationships appealing to me. It worked for Wendy and John for a while, but in the end the whole relationship was almost destroyed. 

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