POST: 'The Homecoming Queen' - What is "home"?

What it's about.

A woman goes back home to Nigeria after living in America, and discovers that she isn't accustomed to the lifestyle back home anymore. Now, she has to face her demons and rediscover herself.

My experience.

This was a brisk day that forced the tears out of my eyes as I fought through the rain and wind. New York never disappoints. Regardless of that, I was so excited to see this show as I have been bragging about the fact that I am Nigerian and was looking forward to seeing a play written and directed by Nigerians!

Walking into the theatre (Atlantic Theater Company) was very comforting compared to outside. The set design for the stage was very simplistic, with cream colored steps going up and out towards each side. The walls were brown and cream colored also, resembling a house that may be for a middle classed family, which leads me into this interesting storyline...  

A woman named Kelechi is a successful writer in the states who returns home to her Igbo family in Nigeria to visit her dad (Papa). During her trip she realizes that she has become so “americanized”, that she begins questioning herself, her belonging, and her past.

Culture was EVERYWHERE. From the dialect to accent, to the outfits and relationship between the her and everyone around Kelechi. Everyone in the play was wearing traditional clothing 100% of the time, including Beatrice with her casual head tie and wrap skirt. However, Kelechi was wearing western influenced dressy pants and a business-type top. However, her hair was done up in a very West African style Senegalese twist. Call me crazy, but these are small details that I paid attention to and appreciated. It symbolized how distant she was from her culture, even though she was back home.


The whole play made me question what "home" is. Is it dictated by where we were born? Where we grew up? Is it both? Or is home within us and who we are? Kelechi was constantly trying to figure this out.

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