Julia @ 'The Hard Problem' - all a foreign language to me


Hilary believes in psychology and God, but her peers think that's absurd. Nonetheless, she works as a research assistant at the Krohl Institute for Brain Science trying to figure out the ‘the hard problem’ of the human mind. Turns out, the baby that Hilary gave up at age 16 is closer than she thinks.


Came hella early, so went to a Starbucks
Got the cheapest thing they had, an old-fashioned doughnut
Got to the place and was like, where do I go?
No signs except one poster as decor


The first floor was all about My Fair Lady
But I’m like, where the hell is the Mitzi Newhouse Theater?

I opened my eyes and saw a hidden staircase
Asked the security guard if I was in the right place
Ten minutes later, I'm in my seat

The play has begun.
I set my eyes on a major stud
Spike was his name played by Chris O'Shea
You can bet he was my favorite thing ‘bout this play

Everyone talks science so fluently
But it’s all a foreign language to me


Hilary believes in God and psychology
The rest of the ppl question her beliefs
I’m not religious in the least
So with everyone else, I agreed
But she gave up a daughter when she was 16
That baby is now the daughter of Hilary's boss
It might be fate by God’s design
Even though I don’t believe in the divine

Even though we were opposites
I also had friends and acquaintances question me
This church guy friend of mine
One time gave me a lecture about Heaven and Hell
Cuz I said I wanted a boyfriend
Whatever, dude

O’Shea came back toward the end

I see his naked back and (very cute) butt
Later in the scene, Hilary exposed her tits
But I was like, was there a point to their nakedness?
Yeah, they had sex, but…
The audience was basically filled with old people
But regardless
Imagine their self-confidence

I’m not sure what the moral of the play was
But I still gave them huge applause 👏🏻

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