Marisol @ 'The Boys In The Band' - I was not ready!

What's it about? 

A young man is hosting a birthday party with all his friends. But when an old friend arrives, it changes everything.  

My experience.

Wow. I mean there is so much to say about this show!! First of all, this was so last minute for me and I had NO idea about anything from the show so I'll give you the gist of it through 3 quick sections. 

1. The Cast !!! 

First of all !! I had NO idea that the cast had celebrities!!  I was not ready! When the first character came out I was like "who dat?!?!  I can't tell!" and then I realized OH SNAP! It's Jim Parsons from The Big Bang Theory!! Then Matt Bomer walks in and I was like whaaaaa! (my best friend loves him!!) so I was living it up for her. Not going to lie, this really intrigued me. 

2. The Environment.

As many of you know, we sometimes live in a world that isn't as accepting. Especially in cases of LGBT and it breaks my heart! Love is Love and I wish it was always like that. Luckily at this show, there was an entire theater full of - what I perceived as - good hearted and open minded people. I truly felt the support and pure happiness radiating from everyone in the audience and I LOVED it.  

3. The Actual Show 

For most of the show I kept thinking "Wow! That party looks sooo LIT! I wish I was invited." The other feeling was stress as I truly could feel the conflict that Michael the main character was feeling when his judgmental straight friend came over. He felt like he was going to judge him so much since he was so close minded (Spoiler: He would). Michael was sooo full rage because he hated that someone was so negative towards gay people that he ultimately exploded!! He drank after trying to be sober and just blew up!! I was in shocked but I totally understood him! There is no need to treat anyone different because of who they love. With that said - although the entire party was intense, I DO NOT blame him because he was pushed to the edge. So please let us just stop hating and more love!! 

These were the elements that truly made my experience that night. I would love to see what anyone else thinks!! We are all great! Let's not hate, just love!! 


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