Meytav @ 'The Beyoncé' - We get a wake up call.

What it's about.

The Beyoncé is a play about a woman who is engaged and is in the final stages of wedding planning. She is so excited until she starts questioning her decisions.

My Experience.

Something incredible happened to me after I watched this play. I felt an out of body experience of awareness. Like I was watching the life of every person ever through this play. I think that something that everybody will inevitably go through is self discovery.

We are so busy living our lives and continuing on with our daily routine, that we get so lost in it - to the point where we don’t even know if we want to do the things we're doing.The people around us already expect certain things of us, so that must mean, we expect the same from ourselves...right? Not quite.

Just because we are the ones living our lives doesn’t mean that is the life we want to live. Sometimes it’s the life that we were directed into and we end up believing that our desires are the same as the people who pushed us to this point.  But they’re not. We’re all different people, with different thought processes and aspirations. But the routine gets so comfortable that the mere thought of leaving it is terrifying. That is, until we realize that living someone else’s life is a lot more terrifying. We get a wake up call. Suddenly, we have a drive to do things our way, we know that we have time to drop everything and start over - and it’s okay to do that. We get so caught up in living up to the reputation that we’ve built that we forget to take care of ourselves and what we truly want.

That is what I saw through The Beyoncé. I saw a woman who convinced herself to be happy with how her life turned out. I saw a woman who was suppressing her true desires and aspirations in order to keep up with the life she has already created. And it was killing her. She was scared and confused and questioning everything but she was strong so she finally listened to herself instead of everyone else. She took a leap of faith, dropped the life she was currently in, and started a new one. A new one for herself.

Suddenly, looking back at her old life, it seemed so distant to her and she knew that taking care of herself was the right choice.

I can’t emphasize this enough - but this is what I think every single person on Earth is going through. Living life within their established comfort zone or taking the risk of living the life of their dreams. And it really is all in our hands.

Editor's Note (Cheyanne): Buttttttt.... Why is called The Beyoncé though? I need to KNOW, Meytav!!!


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