POST: 'The Amateurs' - A play crafted by the audience

What it's about.

Set during the Dark Ages, a theater troupe tries to outrun the Black Death.

My experience.

This has to be different from the rest of the Off-Broadway productions I have seen. In the opening scene, the characters came out dressed in what looked like Star Wars costumes - which peaked my interest. At the time this all looked very promising.

When I arrived, I surveyed the theater, and it looked very tight. It seemed my fellow theatergoers were all elderly, so I felt right at home. The last time I went to an Off-Broadway production it was filled with people my age. On another note, the fact that the show had actors in KKK costumes... believe me, that's not an experience I want to relive.

What I remember most about this play, was the set. There appeared to be a mound of dust in the middle of the stage, it sort of looked as if the play had taken place on another planet. That and the actors being dressed in Star Wars costumes. Another aspect was the narrator, who came in during Act II to explain the purpose and storyline behind the play. Turns out, it wasn't just a story of the Black Death, but also about how actors cannot really escape their personal lives even when their putting on a show. Sure, they were actors, but they were also people who were thinking about their personal lives while acting.

In Act II, the actors come back to the play as themselves. As people who recount what went on in their minds while performing a show. Quincy, one of the actresses I had seen in another play (As You Like It), spoke about crafting her character's identity of Mrs. Cratchett in a Christmas Carol in an Ohio production. For her, Mrs. Cratchett had no first name and was the one responsible for the ghost of Christmas past, present, and future.

After the intermissionthe playwright told us that we were now on our own for the rest of the play. When the playwright came out, I was not sure if it was a part of the show for him to come out and speak to us or if he just decided then and there to just come and out and speak because he wanted to.  It was up to us, the audience, to make sense of the rest of the play. We, the audience, were to determine the meaning behind this play. That was the whole purpose of its creation. 

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