Allysa @ ‘Accomplice The Village’ - a day in Oz... kinda

What’s it about?

Accomplice The Village is an interactive theatre performance where you take on the role of a detective to find Delilah.

My experience.

A day before the show, I received a strange email riddled with typos about a kidnapping, and was told to meet someone the next day at a location and wait for a “bird call.”

I arrived at the location along with others in my group. Soon we met a man named Zeke, who told us the story of Delilah and how we needed to hunt down the person who took her. He pointed us to the next clue and gave us:

A phone number 📱

A magnifying glass 🔍

A picture of Delilah 👧

And finally, a clue in a box, which was a monkey (obvi not alive, lol), a message and directions by the Tin Man about the next character we had to meet. Then we met the Cowardly Lion who pointed us to yet another clue. Clearly, I’m not gonna give away my secrets on finding (or not finding…?) Delilah. Trust me, you’ll want to find those on your own.

The clues lead you to places you don’t expect and probably have never visited in NYC. And it’s not some boring tourist trap, so thank god. Also, when I asked my fellow detectives what they expected from this “show,” for some odd reason they thought this would be some sort of bar-hopping journey. No clue where they got that impression, but, like, is that not a great idea for an interactive show?!?


Now, the unexpected difficulty of this game was finding the characters themselves. We would just be walking and then ask random people if they were the characters we were supposed to find. Someone even stood outside the bathroom at a location and asked everyone coming out whether they were the person we were trying to find 🤣🤣🤣

I found out that there was a “couple” in the game, who turned out to be a FAKE couple for the game! She was married to a man and he was married to a man which was a huge shock for me since I thought that they really were married during this whole game!!!

It is kind of inevitable to bond with your fellow “detectives,” so a lot of us just talked about where we were from and all that. Most of the people there were from out of state or from other countries. We ended up going out for a drink after the hunt and just hanging out. I feel that in scenarios such as this it allows you to connect with people you never would have met. There was even a group of sisters who “adopted” me for the day in that I became their “sister” for a day. Def gave those Schuyler Sisters a run for their money 🤣

Guess Tinder isn’t the only place you can meet some new people!

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