Julia @ 'Summer and Smoke' - mixed signals

What's it about?

John Buchanan is known by the town to be the wild and sexual son of their respectable town doctor. Alma is known as the minister's daughter and very devoted to God. And now there is something between the two of them which will make them question certain aspects of their lives.

My experience.

If you ever watched Grey's anatomy you know who McDreamy is.



McDreamy (aka Dr. Derek Shepard) is the older, gorgeous doctor that almost every girl wants her hands on. He's got the nice eyes and perfect face - and the luscious hair. When he talks to you, it makes you wanna melt in his arms like puddy.

Although at first Dr. John Buchanan looks like a McDreamy, he was absolutely fucking not. He turned out to be more of an Evil Spawn (Dr. Alex Karev) jerk. Or better yet - the living concept of when a boy is mean to you, it means he likes you.


He sleeps around with lots of women and claims to be in love with the main character Alma, but he just sends her a bunch of mixed signals. 

When the play started, the actors for John and Alma played child versions of themselves. John tried to kiss Alma and made some weird face when he did. And then at one moment, he locked eyes with me and was full on staring at me for five seconds. I was trying to hold back a laugh because his face was just too much.

I'm not gonna lie, I kept overlooking the bad qualities of this character for the actual actor's hotness. I couldn't stop thinking about him throughout the whole show and the rest of the day.

I've never really been attracted to most guys I've met, especially those around my age. I legit thought I might be one of those weird terms like pansexual, aromantic, graysexual or whatever. (sorry to those of you who identify as it. I just don't understand sexuality or sex in general). After googling through these terms, I did feel a connection with demisexual a little, but I'm pretty sure there's a more specific term to what I am. But demisexual makes sense because of the stare down with the actor, Nathan Darrow.

I kept thinking that Darrow was somewhere in his late 20s, but his Wikipedia page actually says he's 41. I was a little shook because it made me realize that I like older men. Things kinda made sense I guess. Explains why I never got close to a guy in high school. When I got to college, all of my male friends were somewhat older than me. I guess it's because older men are more mature?

Whenever John was walking my way, I kept wondering if he would look at me and break character for a second to notice me, but alas he did not (except for the bows ;))

It was a good day. 

Editor's note (Christine): YAS, Julia!

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