Julia @ ‘Smokey Joe's Cafe’ - I don’t know….they all just sang

What’s it about.

I don’t know….they all just sang.

My experience.

So, as in my previous post from last week had mentioned, I had followed all the actors from Desperate Measures and I found out Emma Degerstedt was going to be in Smokey Joe's Cafe.

I was excited to see that she was starring in something that was getting a lot of hype. During this summer, I saw her face plastered on telephone booths, garage cans, playbill ads and everywhere else they place posters.

She would post behind the scene videos on her insta story and it looked like she was having a blast. I was excited to see her whenever she came onstage and when she sang, my heart would melt. The Desperate Measures cast had actually come see the show and it was nice to see all these actors having such great friendships. They would post about hanging out during days off and doing other projects together. I remember Emma did a recording session for some cover album for her and Lauren Molina from Desperate Measures was part of it with extra vocals and cello bass.


But Smokey Joe’s Cafe was a little strange in my opinion. I was seriously confused the entire time I watched.

There was no actual acting.

Like no dialogue in between songs.

Like I understood the songs were by Lieber and Stroller, but I thought it was gonna be like Mama Mia. The songs didn't really have a connection to each other. It felt like a big talent show.

I was thinking “how the fuck do they have the ability to sing for that long?” The men especially, there was a black boy band group and they were in like 90% of the songs.

My throat was tightening up from watching all the crazy vocal shenanigans happening. I was so jealous because I had actually found out not so long ago I have a voice disorder and it made doing my own crazy vocal shenanigans a real pain.



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