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What’s it about?

In 1969, friends band together as to change the corrupt world they are living in, but things are not as they seem.

My experience.

When I first got to the theatre, I was quite suspicious of this play. It's not often that I go to see plays. I am more of a musical type. The play began with music and I was like, this is not so bad. The play continued and I saw Spence kissing Quinn. A few minutes later I saw this same guy kissing Jenny! I was like, what is going on here?

Later, I found out that they apparently did not believe in relationships and everyone could basically be with anyone — a free-for-all. That got me hooked. Also the fact that there was no intermission, so I was legit glued to my seat. There were discussions about leaving home, parent-child relationships, racism, friend code, polyamory and political failures. So much.

There were some things in this play that I completely disagreed with, such as polyamory. I am studying psychology and there is not one proven theory that people need multiple partners to be considered equal or happy. I believe that “the collective” of friends suffered through friend-code misfortunes because they were brainwashed into believing that they could be with everyone in the house. When it came to Jenny leaving home, I was not against this. Her family was not very supportive of her decisions, so she decided to move out and change her life by being around people who had the same dreams as she did, which I believe is a good thing. Although this started her down the wrong path and lead to polyamory, which I still disagree with, she made her decision to start her life based on her own beliefs.

Peggy I related to, not because of her manipulation or her form of fake stupidity, but because she was a character who knew what she wanted and was outspoken. And funny as hell! Every word that came out of her mouth had me dying of laughter. I was not the only person laughing. Almost every minute everyone in the room laughed over simple things like her facial expressions.

This play showed me the importance of not judging a book by its cover and to appreciate the beauty of plays that are Off-Broadway. Like literally, who would have known? This is a show that really changed my way of thinking from looking at everything outside of the story and putting these little clues together.


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