Andrew @ 'See/Saw' - I guess you could say my whole night was a big ass show


An interactive magic show with renowned magician Siegfried Tieber.


WOAHHHH!!!! So, I almost didn’t make it to the theatre.

The show started at 7 PM, I was out all day with my friends and after driving them to the Atlantic Ave/Barclays train station at around 6:35 PM, I realized my phone was on 1%. I didn’t know how to get across town to Williamsburg without my GPS and I DIDN’T HAVE A CHARGER!

I said “F#$! IT” and used my remaining 1%! I started driving, got on the interstate and BOOM my phone dies! Before it died, I remembered that my next step was to get off at “Exit 33”. Of course that was the only step my dumb ass took note of.

It’s about 6:48 PM, I drove a few miles, got off at 33 and didn’t know what to do next…

I took a leap of faith and made a left when I got off the exit. One smart thing I did do was write down the address. I knew the theatre was near the water so I drove in the direction of the horizon thinking I was magically going to end up on Franklin street (street of the theater). I knew I had to be super close since I was by the water.

It’s about 6:53 now and I couldn’t rely on ‘hope’ anymore so I started to ask people “WHERE THE HELL IS FRANKLIN STREET?” A gentleman pointed me in the right direction, which wasn’t far, and I arrived at literally 6:58. As soon as I got to the theatre, I found a parking spot right across the street! ONLY GOD CAN PERFORM THAT MIRACLE OKURRRR!!!!!!

The biggest gag is that the theatre wasn’t even opened by the time I got there 😒🙃, which is why I took my ass back into my car and ate some truffle fries until I saw audience members going in.

I can’t lie, the whole journey and experience of getting to the theatre is just as important as the show to me. I learn so much about myself with all the challenges that I’m faced with while going and leaving the theatre. I guess you could say my whole night was a big ass show.

Okay let’s talk about how amazing Siegfried Tieber was! He walked around the room and asked everyone their name. Before he began the show, he pointed at everyone and said their name, I was like WTF!!!!! You learned all 27 names just now!!!! I was impressed and ready to leave because that was all the magic I needed!

All of his tricks were performed with playing cards. He found all 4 ace of spades randomly, he turned a woman's diamond card into a king, he made us all sign one card and it magically appeared in a sealed envelope, it was all super trippy.

The whole show brought me back to when my mom used to take me and my siblings to the circus. We used to be so happy and had no cares in the world. Now I have to be an adult and deal with bull$/!% like responsibilities! Ugh, why couldn't Siegfried bring a time machine!!!!!! Now that would've been an ICONIC magic show! 


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