TIX #ONSCENE about: Ticket Lottery Tips!

Have questions about the lotteries?

Don’t know where to start?

A guide by someone who has won quite a few lotteries…

How do I enter?

Most lotteries are done digitally and each site has its own way of entering.

Here are three popular sites that hold Broadway lotteries!

  1. Broadway Direct

    • Manual signup – First and last name and email, etc.

    • You have to enter every day.

  2. Telecharge Digital Lottery

    • A simple click on an icon connected to one of three social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn (why LinkedIn? idk.)

    • You have to enter every day.

  3. LuckySeat

    • Manual signup - Name, email, blah blah.

    • You can enter weekly.

      • You get to enter for multiple dates within the week. Just remember to come back after the last date you entered to restart the process if you haven’t won yet.

*Please note you must be 18 years or older to enter as you will need to present ID.

Why should I enter the lotteries?

If you win, you get to see a show at an EXTREMELY cheap price and, 90% of the time, your seats are really good. Broadway shows – as you may or may not have noticed – tend to be $100 + if you want to sit in the front mezzanine or the orchestra section. Your lottery seats tend to be in these same sections BUT lottery tickets tend to be $30 - $50!

Which shows am I most likely to win?

I have won from Broadway Direct (SpongeBob SquarePants and Wicked) multiple times, and from Telecharge Digital Lottery (Beautiful: The Carole King Musical), so I think you will have a greater chance at winning shows hosted by these sites.

LuckySeats happens to host the lotteries for the shows that are extremely popular, like Mean Girls, Frozen and Hamilton that you can’t even get regular tickets for yet without going bankrupt.

How will I know if I won and What do I do?

  • You will get an email and/or text alert that you won.

  • Once the alert is sent, you have one hour to claim your ticket or it will expire.

  • You must pay with a credit card.

  • You will have to pick up the tickets starting 30 minutes before the show and bring your ID.

Each show has its own time when winners are announced so take note of that and make sure to check your phone/computer during those hours. I won SpongeBob tickets but checked my phone too late and missed out. But then, I won again the next day. :)

How do I increase my chances of winnING?

I enter a second time with someone else’s name and info – like a family member or a friend – select the max of two tickets, and make sure the person can go with me before I pay, because the box office might ask for their ID. I’ve been to shows where they just gave me the ticket, but in the case of something that is normally expensive like Wicked or The Lion King, the box office will ask. Usually.

Also, set an alarm when the lottery opens so you don’t forget to enter! You only have a few hours before the lottery closes. The more often you enter the more chances you have of winning!


Don’t be frustrated if you don’t win. There’re hundreds to thousands of people who enter every day. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Don’t just enter for shows you wanna see. Enter for those you might not have thought about seeing. You never know unless you try!

I literally won tickets for SpongeBob three times in a row.

WhICH shows have lotteries?

I have complied all the current Broadway shows that have lotteries HERE. Check each show to see if the lottery is online or in person.

Here are some of the shows that hold lotteries:

Wait. I’ve heard about Rush tICKETS/standing room only (sro). What are THOSE? 

Rush tickets and SRO tickets serve a similar purpose as to lotteries — to fill up the theater even if it means selling tickets for a hell of a lot less.

Whatever seats the show has not yet sold, they will be willing to sell at a lower price 30 minutes or one hour before the show. They are sold on a first-come, first-served basis so there aren’t a lot. Most of the time you have to go to the theatre to purchase a rush ticket — sometimes you have to go to a few theatres before you can find one that will sell you rush tickets.

Rush tickets are better than SRO, because SRO means you have to stand throughout the entire performance (which is why they are so cheap). You have a seat with rush tickets, but you may only have a partial view, which means you may not see all of the stage. But hey, it’s WAY cheaper!

Here is a list of rush tickets!!