Alyssa @ 'R.R.R.E.D: A Secret Musical' - Hello, my name is MARCO.

What's it about?

Saving redheads from extinction.

My experience.

Hello Readers,

As soon as I entered the theater I was handed a name tag and told not to tell my real name to anyone. The secret name handed to me was...


I don't look like a Marco. I guess they didn't bother to assume my gender. Happy September 2018 everyone! Whatever the case, I was happy to have a secret name, it made me feel as if I was a super spy. I expected the show to be different. I thought it was going to be some sort of emotional production with war and resistance and revolutionaries but it turned out to just be a meeting which took place in a storage unit for the entire show. It was a meeting about procreation. Procreating with those with the gene for red hair to be exact. I wanted to get out and I wanted all the married people to leave with me. I was not going to play a part in witnessing people split up for the "cause'". The organization was already advocating for prostitution for the purpose of procreation. There was someone singing about it too. I mean, look, prostitution is not going to turn into a Pretty Woman fairy tale. Take that course, and you are going to be knocked up more than you can handle. I was thinking to myself yup, it is time to leave! How about a 'no' on the prostitution front. There are other ways to live people!

Readers, when I say the entire show was about procreation, I do mean the entire show.

I sat there wondering when something exciting was finally going to happen. The only exciting part came towards the end, when a surprise guest was introduced, Christina Bianco. She came in to speak about how a redhead stepdaughter ruined her life which undermined the arguments of the RRRED organization. Thank goodness, I thought. I was scared that some theatergoers may take the message of procreation with only redheads too seriously. I thought that there was just too much talk of procreation. I mean, aren't there other ways to save the gene that produces red hair anyway? I sat there the entire time feeling that I was listening to a timeshare meeting. 

-Marco, from the R.R.R.E.D. meeting.

This is what I imagined myself to be upon entering (not as Marco of course but as a person with a double life ;)




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