Rick @ 'Trainspotting Live' - It was wild

What’s it about? 

A group of friends struggling with heroin addictions takes us through the choices, decisions, mindsets, violence, and poverty that surrounds substance abuse. Tons of explicit content - not for the faint of heart. 

My experience.

I felt like I was walking into an underground club scene. It didn’t help that I had just finished another show and I was feeling buzzed. Regardless, the entrance got me pumped and I was ready to experience this show. When I took my seat, I was in awe at the setting. We were underground under a train station - graffiti and all. This scenery was awesome and really captured the image of where hard drug deals and parties happen.

⚠️ Before I get further into detail, I just gotta say this show isn’t for the faint of heart. There is A LOT of x-rated material. There are potential spoilers, so bear with me. ⚠️ 

When the show started, it STARTED. It was wild. There was screaming, dancing, music… just a lot of noise. There were drugs being passed around and it was hectic. I wasn’t shocked but I definitely had a hard time focusing and actually understanding what the actors were saying. So instead, I focused more on the character actions. IT WAS CRAZY. The action never stopped. From partying to death threats, sexual passion to violence, everything that goes wrong with drugs went wrong with these characters. I like hectic-ness, so I wasn’t phased:


- Not when I saw a switchblade get pulled out on someone cause of a small misunderstanding

- Not when I saw the drugs being injected or inhaled.

- Not by the erratic and irrational actions of the “junkies.”

But, I was surprised by the nudity and the sex scenes that followed. One of the girls gave her partner…oral - noises included. That was shocking. Then a character actually stuck a pill via his backyard (if you know what I mean) and then flung feces (which HAD to be fake..I hope), condoms, dirty water, and a bunch of other sh*t (literally) all over the audience. THAT was shocking AND hilarious. I was lucky not to get struck by any of that, but clearly this show has NO boundaries.

 Someone literally got hit with a condom.

The performance, the setting and the acting was on point. However, even through the quieter moments, I had a hard time following the actual plot. I knew of the story and what was going on, but I didn’t get the ‘message’ per say. It seemed like I was just watching the worst parts of heroin addiction just for the sake of watching. I felt like I was in a movie. There were flashing lights and it was pure chaos. I really felt like I had a glimpse of what it was like to be addicted, craving the injection that will take all my pain away while being tormented by my own thoughts.

⚠️ Spoiler Alert ⚠️ 

At the end of the play, an addicted friend becomes sober and a sober friend becomes addicted. This wouldn’t seem so crazy, except that the newly addicted friend DIES. That was so unfair! He wanted help but he didn’t know what else to do. That scene really crushed me.

That final scene alone tells the story of addiction and the struggles that we face with mental health. Life isn’t fair and every choice we make has a huge impact on our life and even the life of others. The crazy part is that we never know the level of impact of our decisions have until we’re in the middle of the effects. For these characters, there really was no happy ending. We need to be more conscious of the reality of our situation. We need to be more understanding of the habits we build during our times of fun and how those habits will affect our future. We need to sometimes remove ourselves from the situations we put ourselves in so we can focus on the thoughts we choose to let flourish. Those thoughts affect our ability to navigate the crappiness that life can bring.

There’s always a way out, and it’s not always easy. Sometime it might even kill you.

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