Rick @ ‘The Eleventh Hour’ - I felt like a kid again

What it’s about?

A musical love story about a couple’s struggle to save humankind while figuring out their future together.

My experience.

Finally, a show without explicit controversial themes! Definitely a nice break from my last few shows.

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This show was super-fun to watch. I entered the room and there were touristy signs and New York street signs. There was also a runway, which immediately reminded me of a fashion show. Like, would there be a fashion segment? That’d be cool I thought.

Eventually it all made sense since the protagonist wanted to move to New York and start a new life. At first I found this a little misleading because I expected some sort of New Jerseyite pride or something, considering the main characters of the show were from there. However, it soon became clear that New Jersey was not the place to be (NY > NJ, duh! Lol).

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11th Hour.jpg

There were a lot of the usual sarcastic jokes about New Jersey — most of which New Yorkers have probably already heard hundreds of times. But I found them pretty funny as I’ve definitely made those jokes too. There wasn’t any dislike for Jersey really, it’s just that we New Yorkers like to think we’re the best and coolest (‘cause, aren’t we though?)

When nostalgia hits.

When nostalgia hits.

Aside from the jabs, there was a LOT of singing and dancing. Way more than I expected. It was good! Some people even played multiple characters (I loved the mole woman — she reminded me of a cute grandmother) and they did it seamlessly. I appreciated them. I even got a little toy (which didn’t work well at all) to play along to the music. I felt like a kid again. —>

While it wasn’t much of a musical contribution, I had a fun time playing to the beat of the drums in the band. I really like drumming, so best believe I was listening to all the changes in rhythm throughout the songs.

I was a little disappointed, however, that we didn’t get an intermission! This show was two hours long, pretty much all singing and loud music. It wasn’t a hard show to sit through or anything, but I like my intermissions to get up and stretch and really gather my thoughts on how the show is going. I expected this and the intermission never came. I never knew how much an intermission mattered to me. This won’t kill my feelings about the show, but a guy wanted to stretch!

After the show, we had the option to sign a board with the actors’ pictures — you know, to leave nice comments or whatever. Of course there would be a brolic (huge) penis drawn on the board. Classy.

I will never forget the conversation I overheard two audiences members having right next to the penis. It went a little like this:

Girl 1: Wow, you would sign your name right next to the penis!

Girl 2: Ha ha, yeah, it’s just because I’m so drawn to them. Gotta leave my mark next to the things that get me in so much trouble.


BTW: The “eleventh hour” is a phrase taken from the Bible which means to be done at the last minute. Trust me, it makes a lot of sense once you’ve seen this show.

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