Rick @ Shake & Bake Theatre: 'Love's Labour's Lost' - my girlfriend and I felt a little bougie

What’s it about?

A retelling of the Shakespeare comedy with a modern and delicious twist. Also, us getting LIT!

Our experience.

There was free food that was delicious. What more can I say?

ALSO, there was ALCOHOL!!! (Pls don’t drink if you’re under the age of 21!)

Aside from those two attractions, the play itself was really funny. We got to sit on comfortable couches as we were served food and drinks by the actors. They consistently made us laugh and we were treated so well.

There was a bunch of female sass in the show along with modern-day romance, aka millennials playing a lot of games. However, the play was spoken in Shakespearean language, which made it really difficult for me to understand some jokes and even parts of the plot. I studied Shakespeare in high school and during my early college years, but I barely remember it (I didn’t like Shakespeare all that much), so I still had some trouble. At times, I had to really use context clues to figure out what was going on and I’m sure I didn’t catch all the jokes. While I don’t recommend reading up on the language before watching the show, it would be helpful to have some sort of background in Shakespeare or at least a love for that type of English before watching the show. Either that, or get ready to be buzzed and confused (which isn’t as bad as it sounds — haha).

The vibes from the show were definitely meant to make us feel good. The actors interacted with the audience often and any comments made were acknowledged and turned into jokes. Like on the spot! For example, there was a scene describing “thickness” and one actor used an audience member to emphasis something thick, calling her “the thickest girl in the room” *wink wink.* It couldn’t have gotten more intimate than that. The food and the drinks added to the experience and made it that much better.

Shake&Bake station photo.jpg

Not gonna lie, my girlfriend and I felt a little bougie sitting there laid-back, sippin’ on our red wine. Definitely a life we could get used to.

After the show was over, my gf and I had fun with the photo station setup. Always a plus for capturing some LIT photos for the ‘Gram.

As part of the show, I was able to interview the Princess of France (not the real one obvi lol) and she provided some insight regarding the creation of the show and then some!

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