Rick @ ‘I'm Not a Comedian... I'm Lenny Bruce’ - facts or nah?

What’s It About?

A comedian shares his life story, from his entry into show business to his heroin overdose death… sprinkled with vulgarity.

My experience.

Right off the bat, this show started 20 minutes late.

My face exactly…

My face exactly…

On any other day that wouldn’t have been a problem, but I had plans after the show! Needless to say, the late start was pretty annoying.

The complimentary doughnut holes helped a little, but not much. Just glad they were free. 🍩

With that said, I did my best not to allow my annoyance to affect my overall experience. But honestly, I really didn’t like this show that much. There were a lot of jokes that were often super vulgar with words like cock, prick, fucking, motherfucker, cocksucker, etc. Quite frankly, most of these words aren't really vulgar to me, but ya know they probably are to most other people.

I didn’t think the show was terrible. The performer was awesome and I really enjoyed the audience participation aspect of it. Probably my favorite portion was when Lenny Bruce asked a lady in the crowd if she "ever sucked cock?" She tried to keep a poker face, but I saw her crack an uncomfortable smile and laugh. She didn’t reply, but we all knew she had... probably.

There was one part of the show that I found both inspiring and sad, brave but stupid. It was when Lenny Bruce gave a whole speech about his view of the American legal system, describing the hypocrisy of the concept of American “freedom.” He complained about people getting in trouble for being racist in private in a country that talks so much about their freedom of speech.

He then went on to bash those in power who spend their time pursuing misdemeanor offenses instead of actually searching for real criminals who commit far more severe crimes (sound familiar?). He ended the speech by calling judges monkeys in suits. I couldn’t help but agree with him. I’m pretty sure you, whoever you are that’s reading this, can think of instances when people who have committed real crimes get away easy, while others—especially minorities—get sent to jail for petty crimes like having some weed in their pocket.

Facts or nah?

The fact that this had started late made it impossible for me not to think about my previously my scheduled plans. It had me rushed and I was just riddled with anxiety throughout the end of the play. I spent the last ten minutes trying to figure out if I’d make it out on time, and how I could pass in front of all the senior citizens without being rude. Maybe that’s why I didn’t like it so much. Nonetheless, it was a decent hour spent with a shitload of vulgarity. It wasn’t Trainspotting Live-level crazy, but it was def crazier than expected.

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