Rick @ 'Emma and Max' - this show was f*cked

What’s it about?

A play about deep-seated racism and the ingrained anger minorities have for white people. A black housemaid named Brittany gets fired from her job, seemingly over the color of her skin, and her white boss can’t help feeling extremely guilty, yet justified.

My experience.

Honestly, this show was f*cked.

From the minute the first scene played out, I couldn’t help thinking, “I really go to all the controversial/explicit plays.” I find it really funny that I always end up at a show that has drugs, racism or sexual assault. I didn’t know I was so drawn to them. Haha!

This show really had me asking a lot of questions. Why did the family hire a black maid in the first place knowing they’d get rid of her anyway? Why go to all that trouble? Why did the maid do what she did at the end of the play (don’t want to spoil it this time)? Why repeatedly allude to the black slave theme… like, we got it the first time!

But, I enjoyed the psychological aspect of this story. It really played with my emotions, simultaneously inciting a great dislike for each of them but also sympathy. They kind of sucked, but in a fascinating and experimental kind of way. In fact, these people ALL really needed therapy. Holy shit.

One thing that really stood out to me:

Stereotypes are stereotypes for a reason. Sometimes, they’re just true!”

Ehhh… okay. Fine.

Aside from the fact that this was exclaimed in a condescending manner, there is actually some truth to it.

For example:

Hm Okay Obama.jpeg

Sometimes men can be like dogs, barking at any pretty stranger walking by. Ask any girl who has walked alone down the street (especially in #NYC), she’d say most guys are dogs. However, it’d be wrong to put that label on all men purely based on your bad experience with them. That one guy you label too soon might be the nicest guy ever. Point is, you won’t know until you get to know him.

I could go on and on, but I really hope you get what I mean.

Anyway, I found Brittany’s actions at end of the play really dumb. Brittany, I understand you’re angry, but did you really have to do what you did? I get you’re pissed at the world, at men, at white people, but couldn’t you just do ANYTHING else?

Her actions and her reasoning really made me think about the people in our world who are just angry and really hold on to victim mentality. Life sucks, everyone knows that. But how we respond to our own individual situation is solely our choice. No matter how much we blame or rationalize, we must take responsibility for our choices and understand that we contribute to our own demise or success. Some people refuse to understand this, and to me, Brittany personified that idea.

There are a lot of themes and ideas being tossed around in this play. If I can take away one thing, it’s that we can bitch and moan, or we can choose to understand and do better.

now closed. no worries we gotchu!

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